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3 Cool Track Accessories To Enhance Your Wooden Train Set

Now that Santa has come and gone, you may be in possession of vast amounts of wooden train track (or you may have already been in this situation).  Although track accessories are less glamorous than other train accessories, they can add a lot to your wooden train set in the way of practicality and play.  Check out these items we have featured below and see if any might want to find a home with your train set.


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Great for dead end tracks – If your kids have dead ends in their tracks or if you are a spatially challenged parent and end up with dead ends as well, try  Orbrium Toys Track End Bumper Buffer Stop Set.  This set comes with 2 males and 2 females and is compatible with most wooden train set brands.


Great for play on uneven surfaces/carpet or destructive kids – If you are trying to place wooden tracks on carpet or other uneven surfaces, Suretrack Clips maybe a solution for you.  This is also a way to keep tracks together for long periods of time without resorting to glue or something else permanent.  Reviewers also note that these do well at keeping together elevated pieces that are not very sturdy.  Reviewers rave about these gizmos and their ability to keep tracks securely together under toddler duress without impeding trains and actually helping trains stay on the tracks.

Personalized! – Try spelling a child’s name or a special message right in the track!  Woodpeckersch offers some awesome personalized track options through


Personalized Wooden Train Track (with letter beads) - compatible with Brio, Thomas etc

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