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3 Unexpected Sources For Wooden Train Set Accessories

While a wooden train set with even the most limited accessories can provide many hours of fun for your child, sometimes some new scenery can be a welcome addition.  There are lots of easy ways to add to a train set that won’t break the bank.  Whether crafting your own wooden train set accessories, buying items from unexpected sources, or repurposing items that you already have at home, accessorizing a wooden train set can be lots of fun.    A mini makeover  can make a well loved train set even more popular or even recapture attention for a toy that may have seen better days.

Source #1 – Buy It (where you wouldn’t expect)
Not all wooden train set accessories have to be purchased from the toy store.  Keep your eyes out in all types of stores for items that can be ready made backdrops for your little railroad.  The craft store can yield everything from tiny trees to various types of buildings intended for other types of crafts.  Keep your eyes open for items in the seasonal aisles (tiny churches or little fir trees at Christmas time), the floral department (polished river rocks, greenery) or the wood crafting (wood rounds, bird houses) departments all offer interesting options.  You can find ideas beyond the craft store as well.  Try garden stores for fairy and terrarium houses, pet stores for aquarium decor and hobby shops for miniature trees and other diorama scenery.  Keep your eyes peeled during your shopping trips and online errands for more ideas!


Source #2 – Craft It
The craft store or your leftover craft materials can provide a wealth of inspiration for train set accessories.  These can be projects you take on yourself or fun activities to do with your child depending on their age.  Wooden blocks can become buildings with just a little paint, wooden clothespins and pipe cleaners can transform into trees for any season in various colors.  Clay can make for wonderful foliage, rocks, animals, structures and more and can be fun for both kids and adults.  Be creative with popscicle sticks, wooden cut outs, leftover cardboard boxes etc.  An upside down painted egg carton can become a mountain range or a plastic bottle can become a clock tower with just a little embellishment.  Use your imagination and see what else you can come up with!


Source #3 – Repurpose It
From Lincoln Logs to Legos, your other toy stashes can offer lots of possibilities for your wooden train set landscape.  Lego people are often a good scale to fit right into your wooden train world and Lego bricks can be fashioned into all sorts of buildings. Use building toys to fashion a water tower, airport or barnyard in addition to typical house and town buildings.  All types of blocks as well as other building toys like Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Bristle Blocks and  Plus Plus can be used to create structures for your town or countryside.  If your child has more abstract toys like Magformers, use them to create a modern cityscape to drive your wooden train in and around.  Toy animals (Safari or other) or Squinkies and similar toys can populate your forests, farms and zoos.  Ask your child to help you or set up your own items to surprise your child the next time they check out the train set.  Monopoly houses and hotels can provide aerial view buildings to pepper your countryside or city with as well.


Small tweaks can help turn an old toy into something new and exciting for your child. changes can make an old toy seem like new.  Whether you buy new accessories, make your own or find things you already have that would fit right into your wooden train set world, enjoy creating and playing with your child!

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