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4 Best Train Table Alternatives

While train tables can be a great furniture addition for the young wooden train set enthusiast, they don’t fit into everyone’s plan.  Whether you have space limitations, budget limitations or maybe you just want something that is a bit easier to tuck away when not in use, here are some train table alternative product suggestions for you!

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#1 We Sell Mats Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Anti Fatigue Flooring – Try interlocking foam mats like these wood grain laminate tiles from We Sell Mats.  They are soft enough to offer little knees and elbows some support but sturdy enough to support a wooden train set.  If wood grain is not your thing, check out their other interlocking mats offerings in various colors.  Since they fit together like puzzle pieces, you can add on to provide just the right shape and size mat for various train configurations.  They can also be taken apart and stored easily and used for other purposes.

#2  Learning Carpets Ride The Train Rug – Try a rug with skid-proof backing.  This one and others by Learning Carpets can be easily rolled up stored.  If you choose one with road/tracks like the one shown here, it can double as a play mat for other toy vehicles or can even be used for wooden trains without the tracks since roads and tracks are printed on the rug itself.

#3  The Ritz Deco Series Bulletin Board Board – Why not try a bulletin board that comes in a variety of colors and sizes? Pull it out and lay it flat for train time and then slide it under something or even hang it up on the wall when not in use.  When your child outgrows their train years, they can hang it in their room to display mementos and keepsakes.

#4  Trundle Train Table – Try this floor level solution provides a surface for your wooden train set (using wheel lock option) and can also be tucked under many beds.  This is a great solution that allows you to leave your tracks set up while still putting them away.

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