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5 Great Wooden Train Birthday Gifts for $20 Or Less

Chances are that if you have kids, you will be attending somewhere in the range of 1 to 21 birthday parties this year.  If you happen to know that the birthday boy or girl is a train fan (or you want to make them into one), we have put together a list of some birthday gift ideas — all for under $20 each on at the time this post is published! Listed items were selected based on strong customer reviews and/or brand reputation and price.   We pondered what the average kids birthday gift budget these days was and although some may go higher or lower, $20 seemed an appropriate ballpark.

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Gift Idea #1 – Quantity!
Wooden Figure 8 Train Set, 32 Piece ($16.03 on as of 2.4.14)
If you are going for quantity, why not give this 32 piece figure 8 train set with accessories from Maxim?  With 6 out of 8 purchasers giving it 5 star reviews on, this set gives the recipient everything they need for a starter train set or a loaded add-on to what they already have (compatible with major wooden railway brands).

Gift Idea #2 – Quality!
Brio Gold Mining Train ($16.57 on as of 2.4.14)
As a mom, I’d love for someone to give something like this as a gift to my child.  Since Brio brand items tend to be more expensive than some brands, it may not always be something people will buy on their own, but the quality is fabulous and kids love them, making a Brio train a great gift!  Although a small gift, parents like that it isn’t taking up a lot of space and kids love the removable gold cargo and the pop open engine on this gold mining train.

Gift Idea #3 – Personalized!
TimberToot 3 Letter Name With Engine & Caboose ($19.50 on as of 2.4.14)
If you are looking for a custom gift, how about this NameTrain?  While names more than 3 letters long will put you over the $20 mark, you could always go with 3 initials to keep costs down.  NameTrains are made in the USA by Maple Landmark.


Gift Idea #4 Tracks!
Bigjigs Rail Crazy Track (Pack of 2) ($11.99 on as of 2.4.14)
If you think giving wooden train track is boring, think again!  These crazy tracks by Bigjigs add bumps and bends to any compatible track.  These two pieces are flexible enough to connect two pieces of track that may not be possible with typical straight or curved track.

Gift Idea #5 Tunnel!
Nuchi Wooden Railway / Waterfall Tunnel ($19.97 on as of 2.4.14)
This puts a new spin on the typical train set tunnel by creating a colorful transparent waterfall for trains to pass under.


We hope these gift suggestions are helpful!  We’d love to hear your feedback here or on our Facebook page.

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