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Add To Your Trains – 6 Unique Wooden Train Car Additions

Many kids may have just gotten their first wooden train set over the holidays.  If you are looking to add some additional train cars for siblings to share or just for some variety, take a look at these 6 unique options from Wooden Train Set Reviews.Add To Your Trains – 6 Unique Wooden Train Car Additions

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1. Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway – Light Up Aquarium Cars – This 2 car pack carries a shark and a squid in real liquid!  There is a button on each car to press that makes it light up.  Reviewers applaud the thickness of the materials to prevent any leakage.  If this is a gift, consider getting the Thomas book, Down at the Docks,  that these cars are based on.

2. Brio Battery Operated Action Train – 
This 3 piece train has a motorized engine, a cement mixer that rotates and a coal wagon that rocks as well as headlights that really light!  This train moves forward as expected, and also has reverse motion.  Brio is well known for their quality toys and this is no exception.  Reviewers note that it will even go up hills.  This item requires 3 AAA batteries and several reviewers note that one set of batteries will power the train for quite some time even with little ones using it a lot.

3. NameTrain (5 letters) – 
This train comes with both the letters and the train cars (engine and caboose).  They also offer options for shorter and longer names.  Reviewers note the durability and craftsmanship and many like the ability of this product to do double duty as both a train to be played with and a alphabet/spelling learning toy.  This train is also made in the USA!

4.  Circus Train – 
This cute set is perfect for the wooden train lover that also enjoys animal toys.  ABCs are printed on one side of the cars and numbers on the other.  Animals can be taken out of their cars, making this a 7 piece set.  Coming in at under $9 at the time of this post, reviewers give this train high marks and note the good quality for the low price.

5. Bigjigs Rail Princess Train – 
If Santa just brought a wooden train set for brother and it turns out that sister likes it just as much if not more, this might be a great train for your home.  This set includes a locomotive as well as 3 freight cars that each have removable loads and 2 pieces of track to add to your existing set.

6. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Wood Train Set 3 Cars –
 If your child is Rudolph-obsessed, consider adding this adorable little Christmas train to your collection.  Freight cars are Bumble and Santa-themed.

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