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Come One, Come All! Circus Train Sets

Circus trains are one of the more common themes you tend to see with wooden train accessories.  This is an especially fun theme for little ones who are into animals, clowns, and bright colors.  We recently found a beautiful circus train set from Janod that inspired us to put together a list of some of the circus train sets and accessories available for purchase.  Did we miss any?

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Janod Story Express Circus – Designed in France, this set is all wood and contains everything you need for the big top down to a lion tamer and ring of fire.  Check out other Story-themed train sets by Janod such as Janod Story Express FARM, FIREFIGHTER, and OLD WEST to name a few.

Janod Circus Box Shot


Thomas Wooden Railway – Circus Train 3-Pack – This 3 car train includes cages with removable circus animals.  These trains will connect to other Thomas Wooden Railway trains or other compatible magnetic connecting train cars.  Note:  If you have a lot of bridges and tunnels, this may not fit through them according to some of the reviews on  Many reviewers tend to like the increased play value of this piece due to the added bonus of having removable cargo (animals) to play with.

NameTrain Circus Wagon – This train car from Maple Landmark coordinates with most of your other magnetically connecting trains.  If clowns are your thing, you will see 3 peeking out the window of this made in the USA train car.  NameTrain also offers a bigger circus train that include the clown car plus three circus animals.


Janod Story – Circus Train – If you like the Janod set we mentioned first but have your eye on something smaller, check out their all wood four piece train.  Overall, reviewers give this little train great reviews.


Midget Circus Railway – 6 piece Train – These train cars hook together via a peg an loop system, making them unique from others in your collection, but also not compatible to connect with others.  This is also made in the USA by Maple Landmark.  While we can’t find anything to state whether these are compatible with common name brand wooden train tracks, they are slightly larger than Maple Landmark’s NameTrains, which are compatible, so we assume that these are not.



Circus Train with Animals – This budget friendly option is compatible with your major brand and compatible tracks.  IT also gets strong reviews from purchasers and differ slightly from the others on our list in that they have ABC and 123 printed on the cars.  Animals are removable from train cars.

Please share your circus train set or accessories with us in the comments or on our Facebook Page.  We’d love to hear from you!

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