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Conductor Carl 100 Piece Wooden Train Set – Review Summary

If you have your eye on the Conductor Carl 100 Piece Wooden Train set, you have come to the right place!  Wooden Train Set Reviews has searched the internet for reviews on this specific train set and have pulled out the main themes for your convenience.

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Conductor Carl 100 Piece Wooden Train Set


Pieces: 100 (34 pieces of track including bridge and RR crossing, 39 trees and buildings, 12 cars and trains, 15 people and signs) Conductor Carl 100 Piece Wooden Train Set. 100% Compatible with Thomas the Train. Plus FREE Conductor Carl Train!


Compatibility:  Compatible with major wooden railway brands.  This brand specifically advertises that they are compatible with Thomas Wooden Railway and BRIO items, however, since these are the standards for wooden train set compatibility, any ‘compatible’ brands should theoretically work with Conductor Carl.  Other brands that reviewers specifically mentioned as fitting well were Orbrium, Melissa & Doug, Circo and Ikea Liallabo.  We were unable to find any reviews stating a specific brand that was not compatible or didn’t fit well with these tracks.

Quality and Durability:  Reviewers tend to either note that this set has good quality or not comment at all on this aspect.  Reviews stating poor quality are few and far between.  The one exception is that multiple reviews comment on the instability of the bridge in this set and its difficulty staying atop the support blocks.

Tracks:  This set employs single piece train tracks, meaning that each track is a single piece of wood and doesn’t have a plastic peg as a connector like you find on some other brands.  This is typically a good indicator of quality and also a safety benefit as you don’t have a small piece that can break off.  Tracks are grooved on both sides, allowing for more configurations.  A small number of reviewers noted a desire for more straight pieces to accommodate more track layouts and sporadic reviews also mentioned some differences in track height causing minor ‘bumps’ on the track.  The track height concern was very inconsistent, so perhaps a quality control issue that has been addressed?

Safety:  “Conductor Carl train sets have passed CPSIA compliance testing. We ensure that all of our train sets meet government standards for lead and phthalates to ensure a safe playing environment.”

Cars and Accessories:  The cars connect magnetically, so most other brands should be able to connect with them if you want to mix and match.  An exception would be PlanToys trains, which use plastic connectors (and other sets that employ this technology).  The train vehicles include 2 engines and 3 train cars.  One review noted that the train engine is large, which makes it difficult to use with tunnels from other sets.  From a usability perspoective, the size is good for little hands.  Other vehicles include a police car, 2 buses, an ambulance and cars.  The Carl figure sits atop the engine, which is fun for little ones, but he will need to exit the vehicle before going through any underpasses or tunnels.   There were a handful of reviews that felt this set had too many accessories, which of course is personal preference, but something to take note of if you are looking for something that is heavier on track and less on accessories.

Dimensions:  The assembled set is 42 x 36 if you are trying to figure out if it will fit on a train table or other surface.  This may be too big for some smaller train tables, so be sure to measure! Price: At the time of this publishing, this set was selling for $49.99 on  Almost all reviewers were very happy with the price for the quality and number of pieces included.   Many mention specifically the cost being more than fair compared to other brands they had priced or purchased in the past.

Overall, this set gets high marks from reviewers.  The value/price, number of pieces, reversible track and compatibility all make this set a winner overall. If you have this set, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

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