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Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Wooden Train Gifts Under $20

(Updates for 2015!)

If you have a wooden train set fan on your holiday shopping list, you may be looking for some affordable gift ideas.  We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite wooden train gifts under $20.  This list is compiled from our own collection as well as researching products based on customer reviews and uniqueness.  All products listed in this post were under $20 at the time of publishing (10/31/15), but prices may fluctuate

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WTSR Holiday Gift Guide 15 under 15

#1 Wooden Railway Block Platform (Combine Wooden Trains and Lego, Duplo) – Dreamup Toys

A personal favorite, this subtle little accessory probably makes you curious when you first look at it.  This platform from Dreamup Toys offers endless options for the child with a wooden train set, Lego Duplo blocks, and an imagination.  Connecting directly to wooden track pieces, kids can use their Lego, Duplo collection to build right onto it to construct tunnels, bridges, platforms and more.  A perfect gift for the train AND building lover! Check out our full Product Review of the Single Block Platform for more information and photos.






Dreamup Toys Platform Multiples


#2 Rudy The Reindeer from NameTrain – Maple Landmark

Offering several to choose from (each well under $20), NameTrains offers gorgeous, MADE IN THE USA train cars down to the wooden wheels!


Other NameTrain options include:

#3 NameTrain Christmas Car


#4 NameTrain Santa Engine


#5 Bigjigs Rail Crazy Track (Pack of 2)

Crazy track offers new flexibility to any wooden train configuration.  This is also a great solution to help fill gaps between pieces that would not otherwise connect.

#6  Glitter Wooden Train Tank Car – From Choo Choo Track & Toy Co.

This pretty little tanker will add a bit of whimsy and sparkle and is not available everywhere, so most kids probably won’t have seen it before




#7 Farm Animal Train – Nuchi 

This set of 3 wooden farm animals with textile tails will appeal to farm fans and younger train engineers alike.

#8 Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Holiday Lights Thomas

Thomas fans typically can’t get enough and have multiple Thomas engines.  This particular engine sports a holiday wreath and lights to get him into the holiday spirit.

#9 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Wood Train Set 

If your gift recipient is a fan of the Rankin & Bass Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas special,  They’ll love this three-piece train care set featuring a Rudolph engine, and Santa and Bumble freight cars.

#10 Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Train – Holiday Caboose

This festive caboose has a snowy roof, wreath and candles in the windows.


#11 Lumber Loading Wagon – Brio

This train car comes with 3 removable logs, that are also magnetic if you happen to have a magnetic crane with your track.

#12 Rail Grey Stone Tunnel – Bigjigs

Tunnels add a new element to any train set, and these tunnels from Bigjigs get high marks for accommodating various brands of trains where other tunnels are often too small for certain brands.

#13 Red Brick Tunnel – Bigjigs


#14  Magnetic Bell Signal – BRIO

BRIO is known for its high quality toy making, and this is no exception according to reviewers.  Metal in the wheels of most wooden trains will trigger the magnetic bell signal when they pass by.

#15  Unpainted Wooden Train Cars  – Orbrium Toys

This pack of 4 cars is compatible with major brands and allows you to customize something for your recipient, or gift it to someone who likes to paint so they can make their own creation.



#16  Suretrack Clips 14 Count – Suretrack

While these may not look too exciting, these handy clips secure wooden tracks on uneven surfaces, including carpet and lock pieces into place without using glue or nails.


#17  Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Island of Sodor Felt Playmat – Fisher-Price

This mat allows your giftee to go track-free when playing with their train cars on a hard surface

#18 Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Santa’s Little Engine – Fisher-Price

Based off of the Thomas episode “Santa’s Little Engine”, this 2 car set includes a reindeer-costumed Thomas pulling Sir Topham hat in his Santa attire.


#19  Gold Mining Train – Brio

With 2 loads of magnetic gold that can be lifted in and out of the cars by magnetic crane, and an engine that opens to review the inner workings, this 5 piece set offers lots of imagination.

#20 Covered Bridge Set – Maxim

Everything you need to take your train up, over and through.

Please share your affordable holiday wooden train gift ideas with us in the comments or on our Facebook Page.  We’d love to hear from you!

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