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KidKraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set – Review Summary

If you are checking out the uniquely packaged KidKraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set, we have made it easy for you.  Wooden Train Set Reviews has searched the internet for reviews on this specific train set and have pulled out the main themes for your convenience.

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KidKraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set


Pieces: 61 (pieces include Smiling townspeople, trees, street signs, vehicles and more; NOTE: the lid to the storage bin this set comes in doubles as a molded mountain that fits right into the included track and supports a crane attachment)

KidKraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set, 61-Piece


Compatibility:  KidKraft claims to be compatible with Thomas and Brio brand wooden train tracks, which typically implies that it will work with any of the other brands that are compatible with those (one user specifically stated that the tracks worked will with her IKEA brand tracks).  We were unable to find any reviews stating that users ran into any incompatible track types.

Quality and Durability:  Several reviewers made note of an issue with the bridge tracks not fitting well, causing them to be uneven and prohibit trains from running smoothly.   One reviewer also noted that the crane won’t lower unless something fairly heavy is attached to it.  The vehicle wheels are plastic, eliciting some sporadic complaints from reviewers.  The majority of reviewers thought the quality was at or above the level they expected, while a few reviews did feel that the quality was sub par.  The bucket that the pieces come in can be used for storage and the top locks in place, however, reviews noted that it doesn’t have a handle.

Tracks:  The tracks are made of composite wood materials vs. solid wood.  Most reviewers found it to be sturdy and durable, while a few complaints could be found about it cracking or the edges rounding/wearing over time.  As with many wooden train set reviews, many buyers stated that the track pieces fit together too loosely/fell apart too easily.  Other reviews liked the loose fitting pieces because it made it easy for their kids to put them together on their own.

Dimensions:  We were unable to find the dimensions of the track when set up as shown, but several reviewers felt it was smaller in person than they thought it would be. The photo above shows it in comparison to a child to give you some reference.

Price: At the time this post is being published, sells this set for $39.99.

Overall, the consensus seemed to be that kids LOVE this set.  Even many of the reviews where the adult reviewer had complaints, noted that their children loved it.  If you like the idea of a set coming with its own storage compartment and a sturdy hill provided by the bucket lid, this set is worth consideration.  If you have this set, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or on our Facebook Page.


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