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KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table – Review Summary

If you are looking for an all in one train table/train set solution, you may be considering the KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table.  Wooden Train Set Reviews has searched the internet for reviews on this specific train set and have pulled out some of the main themes we found for your convenience.

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KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

Brand Profile –   KidKraft is a brand you are likely to come across at big box stores and is one of the more affordable brands out there in terms of the number of pieces you get for the price.  Buyers should note that KidKraft sells full sets only, not individual accessories, so if you are looking to add on, you will need to do so with other brands. This brand has a lot of fans among reviewers, although a common issue some have noted is that the trains don’t always move along the track as smoothly as you might like.  Note: Wooden Train Set Reviews provides a comprehensive list of Brand Profiles if you are researching other wooden railway brands — click here to access Wooden Train Set Reviews Brand Profiles.

Pieces: 120 play pieces plus table and 3 plastic bins 

Compatibility:  Compatible with major wooden railway brands.  Although they fit, some reviewers mentioned a looser fit between these tracks and Thomas brand tracks.   

Table:  This composite wood table comes with red plastic bins that slide under the table for storage or can hang on rods under the table to make them more drawer-like.  Reviewers seem to be split on the drawers.  If you wish to use them like drawers, they slide into rails on the underside of the table such that you have to take out the outer bin to get to the middle bin.  Some also felt like the drawers could fall out of the rails if overloaded.  One reviewer specifically mentioned the convenience of the drawers because trundles (found with many other tables) wouldn’t work on her thick carpet.  The table has T-molded edges to prevent chipping and has a 1 1/2 inch lip to keep toys from going over the edge.  This set comes with a silk-screened landscape reversible play board to put under your train set.  A few of the more detailed reviewers pointed out that the landscaped scene is such that you will find tracks having to go into the printed water or crossing over the road when the track is set up.  If this bothers you, you can always flip the board over to the plain side. Most reviewers seem to agree that the table is easy to assemble.  Dimensions: 48.75″L x 34.5″W x 16″H

Quality and Durability:  There seemed to be a common theme around poor quality of the trains included with this set.  There were some complaints about the quality of the train tracks and some accessories (the crane for example), but these were not as common as the train car complaints.  Most reviewers were very happy with the quality of the table, though there were mixed feelings about the plastic storage bins.

Tracks:  The tracks are made of solid wood and the bridges and elevated tracks are designed in such a way to keep them sturdy and connected during play.   There were a few reports of other train brands not fitting through the bottom waterfall tunnel well (Thomas for example).  There were also some reviewers who noted that trains (included and/or other brands) did not always travel smoothly in the track grooves, either due to the way to track fit together, or the lack of precision in the way the grooves were cut.

Cars and Accessories: The accessories in this set are plastic and include cars, trucks, a steam-roller, an airport with helipad, a helicopter, an airplane, a runway, a crane with girders that can be hooked and un-hooked, one-dimensional police station, fire station and hospital, a boat, trees, people and lots of signs. Cargo on the back of the boxcars is removable and can be picked up by the crane. A handful of reviewers mentioned pieces required to put together one of the buildings were missing, but those who called Kidkraft  were able to get them replaced easily.  There IS some assembly required for accessories.  One reviewer was concerned that the male people included were all professionals while the females had half shirts and other skimpy clothing — We had not heard this before and were only able to find one mention of it. 

Price: At the time of this publishing, this set was selling for $129.97 on  The value of this table/train set combo was a popular theme throughout reviews.

Overall, the TABLE gets good reviews almost across the board except for the accompanying plastic storage bins, which get mixed reviews.  The TRAIN SET is more hit or miss, with some thinking it is great value for money, and others taking issue with the quality of the tracks, accessories, and especially the trains.  Even with some complaints, out of 217 reviews on, only 30 people gave it a review lower than 4 stars.  If you have this set, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

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