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Maxim Enterprise Over and Under Tunnel – Review Summary

Adding a bridge or tunnel to your wooden railway layout can add a new dimension to kids play.  The Maxim Enterprise Over and Under Tunnel gives you both a bridge and a tunnel in one accessory piece.  Wooden Train Set Reviews has searched the internet for reviews on this add-on and has summarized the themes from buyer feedback.

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Maxim Enterprise Over and Under Tunnel

Compatibility:  Compatible with major wooden railway brands.  This brand specifically advertises that they are compatible with Thomas Wooden Railway and BRIO tracks, however, since these are the standards for wooden train set compatibility, any ‘compatible’ brands should theoretically work with Maxim.  One reviewer specifically mentioned Imaginarium brand as fitting well with this set as well.  We were unable to find any reviews stating a specific brand that was not compatible or didn’t fit well with these tracks, other than one user who had at least one Chuggington train that was too wide to fit through the tunnel.

Tunnel Notes: The tunnel is one simple piece that can connect to your other tracks from either side.  One review did mention that this was too tight for one of his Chuggington trains, however that was the only mention and another user specifically said Chuggington trains did fit. Several reviews noted that their ‘bulkier’ or larger train cars fit through the tunnel, overcoming a common complaint among wooden railway tunnels in general.  The general consensus among reviewers was overwhelmingly positive for the tunnel. 

Bridge:  The bridge that goes over the tunnel is made up of 3 pieces.  There is a small piece that sits on top of the tunnel and connects on either side to the ramp pieces.  The bridge got mixed reviews.  There were reports of it being unstable or ‘shakey’ because it didn’t extend on either side to be flush with the ground.  Negative reviews also noted the small connector piece easily disconnecting and or getting lost among other track pieces because it is small.  Some reviewers mentioned work arounds of marking the piece so they could easily find it and/or gluing or taping it in place on top of the tunnel.  There were many reviews that did not note any problems with the bridge as well.

Price:  At the time of publishing, the accessory was selling for $16.41 on

Overall, this set gets high marks from reviewers earning a 4+ star rating on for example.  The tunnel is a hit with almost all reviewers while the bridge portion gets split reviews with several finding issue with its sturdiness. If you have this item, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

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