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Melissa & Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set – Review Summary

There are lots of reviews out there for the Melissa and Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set.  Wooden Train Set Reviews has read through over 100 and have pulled out the main themes for your convenience.  If you have your eye on this set, read our highlights below!

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Melissa & Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set
Melissa & Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set

Pieces: 45+ (includes ascending and descending track, track supports, a 3 car train, a covered bridge and a swivel bridge)

Compatibility:  This set is compatible with major wooden railway brands.  This brand specifically advertises that they are compatible with major wooden railway brnads, so any ‘compatible’ brands should theoretically work with Melissa and Doug.  Other brands that reviewers specifically mentioned as fitting well were Circo, Thomas, Chuggington and Brio. We were unable to find any reviews stating a specific brand that was not compatible or didn’t fit well with these tracks.

Tracks:  The traffic gates on this automatically open and close on the swivel bridge, however, several reviews indicated dissatisfaction with the arms either not staying up, being flimsy and/or not lifting up far enough for a train to pass under. Double sided tracks lend this set extra flexibility to make more track layouts and unlike some other non-deluxe sets, reviewers seemed to be very happy with the amount of track that came with this set.  A handful of reviewers called out issues with the bridge supports not being strudy enough to hold the bridge up (some of these were specifically talking about softer surfaces softer surfaces like carpet).  A more significant number of reviews cited issues with the swivel bridge including moving when not intended and not swiveling all the way.  That said, there were many 4 and 5 star reviews that didn’t mention any problems with the swivel bridge at all.  The general theme of the reviews seemed to be that the pieces were durable and well made.  Many reviewers noted that this set kept to the high quality standards they were used to with Melissa & Doug toys.

Melissa & Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set

Cars and Accessories:  The cars connect magnetically, so most other brands should be able to connect with them if you want to mix and match.  An exception would be PlanToys trains, which use plastic connectors (and other sets that employ this technology).  A small number of reviewers did mention that the magnets were weak and did not hold as tightly as they would like when connected.  The train vehicles include an engine, a caboose and one other car.  There were also a handful of reviews that felt the track wheels were too shallow to properly grip train wheels causing some derailments, however this was not a frequent complaint. 

Price: At the time of this publishing, this set was selling for $44.98 on  Almost all reviewers were happy with the price or didn’t mention it at all.   Several reviewers mentioned the value being very good compared with other similar quality brands they had paid much more for. 

Melissa & Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set

Overall, this set gets high marks from reviewers.  Well Made, Sturdy and affordable.  The value/price, number of pieces, quality of track and enjoyment from children playing with it are all plusses while sporadic concerns with bridge supports and traffic gates and more common issues with the swivel bridge should be considered.   If you have this set, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

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