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Mom’s Top 7 Wooden Train Toy Picks

As a mother of two children ages 3 and a half and 5 (boy and girl), we have quite the train set up in our play room.  Some of the toys have been big hits and others have flopped.  Here are the 7 things my kids get the most enjoyment from and that I would highly recommend as purchases for other moms with young children or as gifts.

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  • Kidkraft Limited Edition Waterfall Mountain Train Table and Train Set W/drawers – This is our train table and it has worked out well. There are decent sized drawers on either side and it comes with a neat mountain two level tunnel and a bridge as well as lots of accessories and track.  We keep a lot of the pieces in the drawers since there are so many.  The table is nice quality and took about 90 minutes to put together with my dad, so give yourself assembly time if giving it as a gift, although we work pretty slowly.



  • Wooden Railway Block Platform, 2-Pack – This little gizmo has been a great addition and helped get my daughter involved in train table play since she loves to build with blocks.  This has allowed us to make all sorts of cool bridges and tunnels with track that fits right in with our wooden tracks. Also a great gift for anyone with a train table along with some Lego Duplo blocks!



  • Plan City Classic Train – We actually got this train when they used plastic connectors, but they have moved to magnetic connectors now, so it should work with some of your other magnetic trains.  This is just a simple engine and for some reason my kids have always liked it.  Very classic looking.


  • Thomas and Friends Minis Pack of 8 – We just discovered these and they come in singles, 3 packs, 8 packs and I think there is even a large one that maybe has them all.  We used them inside of plastic eggs at Easter and are going to use them for potty training incentives as well! They are too little to run in the grooves of your wooden train set, but a fun train toy for other uses.

  • Bigjigs Rail BJT412 Pink 123 Engine – My daughter likes this pink train and my son plays with it too.  It definitely adds some color to the primary colors on our train table.  We even made a straight track on my daughters bed for it using a few pieces of straight track and some removable adhesives.


  • Learning Curve Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway – Ivo Hugh with Zoo Cars – The real hit with my kids in this set is the hippo car that opens and closes its mouth as you push it. We actually had the original version that didn’t come with Ivo Hugh and had slightly different colors.  The other car is neat too and roars like a lion, but the hippo car is the most fun.  Since the motion occurs as part of the pushing, my son will just push it along at different speeds and watch its chomping mouth go. Very cute.

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