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Orbrium Toys 12 Piece Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection – Review Summary

If you are looking to add some additional trains to your track, you may be considering this 12 piece train car set from Orbrium. Wooden Train Set Reviews has searched the internet for reviews on this specific train set and has pulled out the main themes we found for your convenience.

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Orbrium Toys 12 Piece Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection

Pieces: 12 (3 engines, tender, coaches, convertible coach/hopper car, cargo car, magnetic cargo load, tanker car, magnetic tanker load, hopper car, and 3 cabooses).  This set comes packaged in a wooden display frame as pictured above.

Compatibility: Compatible with major wooden railway brands. This brand specifically advertises that they are compatible with Thomas Wooden Railway, BRIO and Chuggington brands, and since these are typically considered the standards for wooden train set compatibility, any ‘compatible’ brands should theoretically work with Orbrium. Other brands that reviewers specifically mentioned as working well with these cars were Kidkraft, Chuggington, Brio, and Thomas. We were unable to find any reviews stating a specific brand of track that these cars did not run smoothly on. 

Quality and Durability:  Many of the reviews for this collection cite the high quality of these pieces, often comparing them to more expensive brands and saying they are of equal quality.  Several reviewers also mentioned that the train cars had held up well over time to frequent play/use.

Cars: These cars connect using magents, as most wooden railway brands do.  Many reviewers specifically noted the strength of the magnets used by Orbrium as a benefit, allowing for the creation of long trains that don’t come apart easily.  When reviewing various train sets, we often hear concerns about weak magnets and cars coming art too easily, so if that is a concern for you, this set may do the trick for you.  One reviewer did mention that the magnets lined up opposite from their Thomas trains causing them to have to hook on backwards when interchanging them. There were several reviews that noted how 2 of the tops to the freight cars are removable so you can place small items in them. the tops to some (2) of the trains come off and you can put little things in there.  On a humorous note, several reviewers liked the variety of cars (3 engines, 3 cabooses and 6 other cars) and noted that it had reduced the fighting over trains in their houses significantly!

Price: At the time of this publishing, this set was selling for $29.99 on  There were quite a few reviewers who mentioned that this was a much better price than buying trains/cars from some of the more expensive brands.

Overall, with 48 out 56 Amazon reviewers giving this collection 5 star reviews (the other eight were all 4 star), this appears to be a winner for those looking for a reasonably priced set of train cars to add to any compatible tracks.  This is actually one of the items that Wooden Train Set Reviews Mommy has on her wish list for her 2.5 year old son who likes to drive trains on tracks as well as any other surface in the house!  If you have this collection, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

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