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Product Review: Dreamup Toys Single Block Platform

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I recently had the opportunity to review an innovative new accessory for your wooden train set from Dreamup Toys, that I know train set enthusiasts and little builders will be excited to add to their collections! 

Disclaimer:  While I did not receive monetary compensation for this post, I received one Single Block Platform for the purpose of reviewing.  This post contains links to products sold on If you click on one and subsequently make a purchase of any item within a  24 hour period, we will receive a small commission from at no additional cost to you.  Read our disclosure policy for more details.

Dreamup Toys Single Block Platform is very simple.  It’s one plastic track piece that fits together with your standard wooden railway pieces, and it extends on either side with a double row of nubs, that allow you to affix interlocking building blocks on top or bottom.  We used Lego Duplo blocks and regular Lego bricks, however, anything compatible with those should work too.  While it is a simple piece at first glance, follow along with my review in photos to see the awesome things it allowed us to do!

The first thing I did was to hand it over to my 3 and 4 year olds and see what they did with it.  Right away they recognized that it would fit with their train set, and they went to the play room to add it to their track.


Just to let you know, we were not working with a large train set here.  We used the Plan Toys City Road and Rail Railway 8 Piece Figure Set and some additional generic straight track pieces we had.  As far as Legos, we have the LEGO Bricks & More Creative Bucket and LEGO DUPLO My First Deluxe Box of Fun as well as pieces from the LEGO Creator Log Cabin.  I know that most of my kid’s playmates have way more to work with, so you can work this in to smaller as well as larger sets and have equal amounts of fun.

When the Legos came out, Dad got in on the fun and started playing around with some various bridge and platform ideas with my daughter as they devised their plan.  At this point we were putting mostly Duplo bricks on the bottom of the platform.  Later on, we used some regular Lego bricks on top of the Duplo.  The blocks affix onto the platform as easily and snugly as if they were being affixed to other Duplo blocks, so no issues there.



We even got creative adding some steps to the platform (and by ‘we’, I mean my husband and kids because they were not sharing with me!).





Next we built our wooden track layout onto the platform piece, and I was pleased with how nicely it connected to our tracks.  Because the blocks were attached to the platform, and holding it up, there was none of the unsteadiness that you often get with wooden train set bridges, and no frustration from my toddler (yay!).



Next, they let me stop taking pictures and play for a little while, so I added an archway, (which my son liked) and my daughter added flowers to our platform.





Next, we decided to change it up and do more of a tunnel with the platform.  My daughter had been wanting to make a house, so we worked that in too, putting a house on top of the tunnel.  My daughter enjoyed making the Duplo people lean over and watch the train come through.





One of the complaints I see over and over when reading reviews on wooden train sets and tunnels, is that certain trains won’t fit trough certain tunnels, but you don’t have that problem here, because the tunnel size is up to you.

At $9.99, this little gem makes a great addition to any wooden train set.  My son is getting a train table and larger track set for his birthday next month, so several more of these will help us turn that into something really special.  He tends to destroy train track layouts, so one of my thoughts is to affix the tracks with 3M strips (that way I can remove them later when he gets older and wants to change around the track), but by using a few of these platforms, he will still have something he can build on and change up with his Legos and Duplo blocks while not destroying the rest of the track.  His sister is more into building than trains, so this will give her a great way to play along side him.  Up until now, I had been evaluating train sets based on their bridges and tunnels, since those are my son’s favorite parts, but I am no longer worried about that since we can do ever-changing bridges and tunnels with our platform piece(s).

The only negative thing I can think of is that the piece itself is a little underwhelming when you first see it, so if you are going to give it as a gift (and it is an AWESOME gift because our entire family played with it for close to 2 hours!), then maybe include something else along with it like a small set of Legos or Lego Duplo bricks, a train engine or some additional track pieces.

To get yours, or buy a gift for someone you know (be sure to invite yourself over so you can play too), visit Dreamup Toys and select Shop!

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