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Toss The Train Table – 3 Play Mat Solutions For Your Wooden Trains

There are lots of good reasons to buy a train table, however, this is not a solution for everyone.  You may have space limitations or budget limitations as well as other reasons to look for an alternate solutions.  One idea we like is a play mat. These are typically rugs/mats that can be rolled up and put away easily for storage.  In some cases they can even be used on top of carpets and have enough firmness to support train tracks.  In many cases, you may find that printed roads and tracks are preferable for your little one and avoid train track frustration and/or clean up.  If this sounds like something that might be useful for your train play needs, check out these mats we researched on that are highly rated by purchasers.

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Thomas & Friends Train and Railroad Play Rug (31.5 x 44 inches) – This rug comes with a whistle (reviewers warn that it is loud!) and 4 train signs and depicts the town of Sodor and Steam Works Plant. 

Learning Carpets Giant Road (27 x 79 inches) – This is the play mat we use in the Wooden Train Set Reviews household.  Although this is primarily roads vs. railroad tracks, our little ones use this for all sorts of play vehicles including trains.  We like the more narrow shape so they can reach across pretty easily without having to crawl around it to reach all angles.  Another nice feature is the rubber backing which makes it pretty sturdy, even on top of carpet.  It rolls up in seconds for easy storage behind our couch.

Learning Carpets Ride The Train – (39 x 79 inches) – The largest of the 3 rugs we are featuring, this one includes both roadway and railroad track.  Little ones can use trains as well as other vehicles and execute traffic stops for railroad crossings etc.

While we primarily think of these as rugs that can be easily rolled up and put away, many of the reviews we read were from parents who were using larger sized play mats for permanent decor in kids rooms and play rooms where a rug was needed.  We love this idea!

Please share your favorite play rug/mat with us in the comments or on our Facebook Page.  We’d love to hear from you!

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