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User Review: BigJigs Rail Pink 123 Engine

The User:  A three and a half year old girl

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Bigjigs Rail Pink 123 Engine

Vitals:  2 piece train with magnetic connection


Cost: $9.99 on (at the time of this post)


  • The paint is precise and I loved that it was ‘girly’.  Although my daughter likes all sorts of trains, a pink one added something different to our collection.  Bigjigs is one of the few brands out there that we have found embraces the more feminine aspect of wooden railways.  My son plays with it too!
  • This worked beautifully on some generic (cheap) wooden track I bought to put on the foot board of my daughter’s bed as another train play station, so my guess is that it will work pretty smoothly with any compatible track brand
  • The price was right!  This was $9.99 at the time I ordered from Amazon and we got free shipping with our prime subscription — not bad for a 2 piece train from a brand we love.
  • We are not big fans of the plastic wheels, however, this is a very minor complaint and we realize that only a very small percentage of wooden trains use something other than plastic for wheels.  The train runs smoothly, so this is really just a mom side note.
  • Be aware that this uses magnetic connectors.  I realize that the vast majority of wooden railway brands use magnets, however, we like the heavy duty plastic connectors that Plan Toys trains use.  They are very difficult for my kids to take apart (even when playing rough), so it reduces frustration with cars coming apart when they drive them.  That said, trains that don’t come apart may frustrate some kids and magnets are definitely the standard, allowing you to connect with all of your other magnetic trains
  • There is a small “123” printed on the side of the engine.  My son is obsessed with numbers right now and enjoys that.  The cargo is painted in the second car and it is hard to say just what it is, but my daughter says it is gold since it has a sort of yellow look.

Overall: (A)  There are very few girl-themed trains out there and this was a great addition to our set. 

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