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User Review: Thomas and the Flour Car 2 Pack

The User:  A boy who is 2 and a half years old.

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Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway – Thomas and the Flour Car 2 Pack

Vitals:  3 pieces —  Thomas, Flour Car and Removable Flour Cargo


Cost: $13.99 on (at the time of this post)

The Best:

  • The paint/details are of very high precision and quality including the very fine subtle appearance of a dusting of flour on the Thomas Engine.
  • We have Plan Toys track and this train works perfectly with it.
  • We LOVE the removable flour cargo and the flour bin that swings back and forth on the car.  This gives my son something to play with without too many small parts.  Our flous pieces rattles when you shake it around — not sure if that is intentional or not.
  • This piece is inspired by the episode “Follow That Flour’, so it can be fun for little Thomas fans to recreate scenes from that.




The Worst:

  • We are not big fans of the plastic wheels and plastic used for much of the flour car, however this is a very minor complaint.  They work well and my son could care less, just a minor mom gripe.
  • Another minor gripe is the magnetic connectors.  I realize that the vast majority of wooden railway brands use magnets, however, we like the heavy duty plastic connectors that Plan Toys trains use.  They are very difficult for my son to take apart (even when playing rough), so it reduces frustration with cars coming apart when he drives them.  That said, these do stay together pretty well during regular play.


Overall: (A-)  This train car set has great detail and visual appeal.  While Thomas has a weighty feel, the flour car is a bit more flimsy being mostly plastic.  The fine dusting of flour on Thomas and the removable flour cargo make this a hit with my son. 

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